Environmental wonders, delicious cuisine, reggae music, historic towns and friendly people are central to this culturally rich and naturally beautiful island. Although most of the population has African roots, many other influences are apparent here: Middle Eastern, Spanish, English and Indian to name a few. And with great golf courses and fun outdoor activities, Jamaica is an ideal port to visit.

Waterfalls are a grand attraction. Dunn’s River Falls on the northern coast boasts a 600-foot cascade with climbing stones, while Somerset Falls, with its lush surroundings, is the star attraction on the eastern coast. The Green Grotto Caves, a historical hiding place for a range characters including pirates and runaway slaves, offer another outdoor excursion. And, of course, sun-soaked beaches with nearby cliffs and coves provide endless relaxation and swimming spots.

The cuisine on the island is another appealing reason to visit. Delicious choices such jerk pork, a Caribbean barbecue dish, meat pies, curry and fresh seafood abound, and eateries range from roadside carts to upscale restaurants.

For history lovers, each town on the island has stories of the past to tell. Take Clark’s Town, for example, which originated after the emancipation of the slaves. Here, G.M. Clarke set aside 30 acres of land near his estate as a “free village,” which grew within its original boundaries for almost a hundred years. Or Montego Bay, where the well-preserved house formerly owned by the family of poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning is located. Other notable places include Port Royal, an old pirate headquarters and Trenchtown, the neighborhood in Kingston known for its reggae musicians, namely Bob Marley and the Wailers. 

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